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The City of Whitefish is developing an updated Transportation Plan to guide decision making in the years ahead. The updated Transportation Plan will provide a 20-year long range transportation plan for the City of Whitefish.  The update of the Whitefish Transportation Plan responds to changing conditions within the City of Whitefish. Growth within the study area has been significant since the 2010 Transportation Plan for the City of Whitefish was adopted.

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The transportation plan update is responsive to population and economic trends within the larger study area, including the balance of the Flathead Valley. Localized conditions coupled with regional trends have combined to impact transportation within the City of Whitefish. The Whitefish Transportation Plan has a 20-year planning horizon evaluating growth to the year 2040. Year 2040 projections show continued growth and development within Whitefish and throughout Flathead County.

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Several current transportation related plans and studies are integrated into the Whitefish Transportation Plan. These plans represent a series of issues such as parking, transit, downtown development and safe routes to school.  The Whitefish Transportation Plan pulls forward a coordinated framework of relevant and strategic initiatives from these plans.  The Whitefish Transportation Plan will integrate outcomes from ongoing planning for both the Highway 93 South Corridor Plan and the Downtown Whitefish Highway Study, both will have a dramatic impact on future growth and development of the community.

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The Whitefish Transportation Plan will evaluate a full range of needed improvements to meet transportation demands. The Plan will establish a set of recommended goals, initiatives and projects to address projected needs facing the City of Whitefish. The Whitefish Transportation Plan is rooted in supporting a diversification of transportation options and choices to balance existing and projected mobility needs. The focus is on a balanced approach to meeting future transportation demands through sustainable transportation options such as biking, walking and public transit.  The Whitefish Transportation Plan will include a recommended list of affordable and sustainable transportation solutions.